Class Facebooker::Data
In: lib/facebooker/data.rb
Parent: Object


Public Class methods


# File lib/facebooker/data.rb, line 3
    def initialize(session)
      @session = session

Public Instance methods

** BETA *** Gets a cookie stored on Facebook user The user from whom to get the cookies. Optional: name The name of the cookie. If not specified, all the cookies for the given user get returned.


# File lib/facebooker/data.rb, line 31
    def get_cookies(user, name=nil)
      @cookies =
        '', :uid => User.cast_to_facebook_id(user), :name => name) do |response|
 do |hash|

** BETA *** Gets a preference stored on Facebook pref_id The id of the preference to get


# File lib/facebooker/data.rb, line 44
    def get_preference(pref_id)'', :pref_id=>pref_id)

** BETA *** Sets a cookie on Facebook user The user for whom this cookie needs to be set. name Name of the cookie value Value of the cookie Optional: expires Time when the cookie should expire. If not specified, the cookie never expires. path Path relative to the application‘s callback URL, with which the cookie should be associated. (default value is /?


# File lib/facebooker/data.rb, line 16
    def set_cookie(user, name, value, expires=nil, path=nil)'',
        :uid => User.cast_to_facebook_id(user),
        :name => name,
        :value => value,
        :expires => expires,
        :path => path) {|response| response == '1'}

** BETA *** Sets a preference on Facebook pref_id The id of the preference to set value The value to set for this preference


# File lib/facebooker/data.rb, line 53
    def set_preference(pref_id, value)'', :pref_id=>pref_id, :value=>value)